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Education Data Analytics, Measurement, and Reporting Platform

Research and experience prove that the use of data leads to higher performance in the classroom, operations efficiency and quality.  Unfortunately, most educational organizations don’t have the time, training, people or tools to optimize the use of all their data.  Enlit changes the game by providing an automated, streamlined and best practice based set of tools and system for data-driven decision making and evidence based management and improvement.

4 Simple Steps for Getting Results with Data

1 - Measure & Assess

The first step on the path to improvement is the use of data to measure, benchmark and assess performance. Enlīt’s products automate this time-consuming step.

1 - Measure & Assess

Operations Pathfinder
Instruction Pathfinder
Student Pathfinder

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2 - Plan & Set Goals

The second step in getting results with data is translating analysis into decisions and a plan with measurable goals. Enlīt’s planning tool organizes and simplifies the process.

2 - Plan & Set Goals

Strategic Planning Tool:
Online tools can link results for the analysis to themes, goals and trackable measures.

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3 - Communicate

The third step is to communicate your plans and goals to staff and the community to build maintain focus track progress and remain transparent.

3 - Communicate

Communication and Visualization Tools:
Innovative, digitally relevant tools that engage and inform

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4 - Monitor

The fourth step to ensuring success with data is monitoring operations and progress towards goals.

4 - Monitor

Enlīt Ultra – Track progress; customized reporting dashboards for any person or position.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Pereus for many years and working with ENLIT to provide my district with a streamlined, data-driven, decision-making framework. Our administrative team has found the data collected on our district experience has provided the ability to choose the right path for our district. In addition, Steve’s ability to see the bigger picture has enhanced our management team with new skills, management strategies and a new perspective on our district direction. We count ENLIT as one of our district partners.

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness in All Areas



Budgets & Finance

The Enlit Difference:

Simple to Use – Start using with limited training

Assessment tools for all areas: instruction, operations, finance and student data

Interpretation and recommendations (optional)

Automates assessment, planning and reporting process

Real time, position and persona monitoring dashboards

Highly effective training, consulting and professional development

What our District Partners are Saying:

  • Steve and the ENLIT team did a great job creating and facilitating the Huron Leadership Academy, combining both relationship centered leadership behavior development with theoretical and hands on experiences in the principles of LEAN, resulting in our team’s ability to make more strategic, efficient and effective operational decisions.

    – Dennis Muratori, Superintendent, Huron City School District

  • Enlīt’s Pathfinder dashboard, KPIS, and deeper measures reduce the amount of time required to understand performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify improvement opportunities.  The system has already provided data-driven validation of many of our decisions.   

    -Greg Thompson, Business Manager, Beavercreek School District

Steven Pereus Education analytics

About the Founder – Steven C. Pereus

President and founder of Enlīt, LLC, a K-12 education data analytics, performance improvement software and consulting company that has served approximately 100 clients in 12 states.  Steve began his education career when he was recruited by the business community and board of education for the role of Business Manager and the COO of Toledo Public Schools.  He was retained as part of a community-wide effort to improve school performance, improve the perception of the school district, and create financial stability.  As COO of Toledo Public Schools, Steve led changes that generated $17 mm in school budget savings in three years and solved major labor, financial, operating, and public relations problems.

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Education Data Analytics, Measurement, and Reporting Platform

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