Why Enlīt?

It works. 

Evidence to support deeper and broader use of performance management in education is abundant. Performance management tools have been successfully used outside education since the 1960s.  Readers may be familiar with many of the tools: Continuous Improvement, Performance Measurement, Benchmarking, Baldrige, Lean, Process Improvement and the Balanced Scorecard.  Most recently business intelligence and big data analytics have been added to the tool kit.

Research Proves It.

Jim Collins in his book, “Good to Great,” identifies Data-Driven leadership as one of 5 hallmarks of highly successful organizations. Experts in data-driven and quality methods (Juran, Lean) claim through their experience that the improvement and/or cost reduction potential in a process or department can be as high as 30% or more.

Our Students and Communities Expect It and Deserve It.

Performance management is about more than cost savings.  It’s also about aligning resources with the level of service and quality our communities expect.  Enlīt’s Performance Management and Reporting tools help school districts create transparency and a focus on efficiency and even accountability that tax payers have come to expect.


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