Whole Student Metrics and Infographics

Whole student development is changing the way Superintendents asses district performance. Student test scores have been the primary means of evaluating school district academic performance for decades. Superintendents have begun to question the adequacy of test scores as the sole measure of growth. They understand that teachers and principals do far more for students than build knowledge and thinking skills. Dr. James Lloyd, Superintendent of Olmsted Falls City Schools, was asked by the board of education to develop a balanced scorecard that would track key performance indicators, and capture the full scope of student outcomes. Dr. Lloyd used Enlīt’s balanced scorecard as a framework to develop a develop whole student metrics that are linked to strategic plan goals. Suites of measures were developed for each school that encompassed academic, community, career and financial stewardship. While reviewing the data with Dr. Lloyd, Steve noted that the community facing dashboard may be too complex and take too much time for parents to review. Enlīt developed an innovative Portrait of a Student info graphic that merges student-centric metrics and the visual appeal of graphic design. We developed infographics with unique grade level measures for the Primary, Intermediate, Middle, High School and District Dashboards. Staff are highly enthusiastic about using the portraits. Olmsted Fall’s leaders view the whole student info graphics as a way of engaging the community about the full impact the district is having on students.

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