Who We Serve

School Boards

School boards use Enlīt in cooperation with their superintendents to better understand spending, efficiency, and progress towards goals.  Board members use the system to help set goals, communicate with constituents and inform board decision-making and policies. Enlīt’s combined products and services can also be used to conduct performance audits of the district’s spending and operations.


Enlīt Pathfinder provides an annual district review and self-assessment.  Enlīt helps new superintendents quickly develop an in-depth understanding of the district’s finances, operations, and educational outcomes.  Leaders use knowledge gained from the assessment to support budget request, set goals and drive efficiency improvement.  Educational leaders use our system to help create transparency with the community and tell their story.

Chief Financial Officers

CFOs use the results to gain deep insight into the efficiency and spending in every department that can not be achieved with traditional budgeting analysis or state spending comparisons.  For example, you will understand factors that are driving costs, know what’s possible, and see the potential for financial improvement.  CFOs use our tools to help principals, operating managers, and staff understand their budgets and better manage their resources.

Chief Operating Officers and Operations Managers

Operations are constantly being challenged to do more with less, and maintain, or improve the quality of services.  Enlīt’s Operations Module is both an operational management tool and measurement system that can help you meet those goals.  Use Enlīt to assess strengths, identify weaknesses, uncover waste, and generate savings.  Quickly identify the root cause of efficiency differences, track trends in costs, safety, absenteeism, injuries, and asset use.

Human Resources

Enlīt empowers HR managers with the data they need to plan for growth, rightsizing, and requests for additional staff.  Our HR scorecard can track critical data and measures and give HR the facts that can influence HR related outcomes from safety to absenteeism, labor relations, and hiring.


Enlīt gives Principals facts that can have them take more ownership of their budgets, make more informed decisions, and use data to plan and drive improvement.

Central Office Administrators

Central Office staff including instruction, student services, and others use their dashboards to track the impact of programs and services and align resources with needs.


Enlīt helps teachers use data by doing the data aggregation, analysis, and reporting.  We eliminate the amount of time required to process and prepare data for use in the classroom.  Student data can be integrated with test data to help teachers see trends in academic outcomes, student behavior, and other factors that impact classroom performance.