Time for the Education Industry to Increase Use of Technology

As we learn about increasing the use of data, systems, and technology in education, we see other industries are using IT-related functions to analyze, manage, and streamline business processes and binary codedecisions more readily. In an article written by Forbes on Computerworld’s 2015 forecast for IT spending, Contributor Louis Columbus looks at the how technology related investments will be on the rise, specifically in a few different areas within business process and decision making.

Columbus says in 2015, technology decision makers across industries will increase spending by 46% in security technologies, 42% in cloud computing, 38% in business analytics, 36% in storage, and by 35% in wireless and mobile endeavors.

These increases represent a wider acceptance of technology-based applications in industries far extending past education. What we can glean from this is technology-based investments are pervasive throughout every organization, public or private, large or small. These aren’t blind risks assumed by ambitious CEO’s. They are calculated, prudent, and fact-based decisions coalesced from years of collected data and evidence from early adopters of these changes.

The takeaway for leaders in education is we do not have to always be behind the eight ball when it comes to being on top of methods which burgeon efficiency and effectiveness. Each of the increases in spending Columbus mentions have related applications to the education industry. We of course, appreciate the business analytics piece, but we don’t have to stop there when it comes to setting the stage for more holistic changes within education business operations. Changes in security technologies, reducing localized software packages, increasing the use of business-type analyzing, and so on, all contribute to areas which can have a major impact organization wide.


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