The Enlīt Team

Frank Laws

Executive Vice President of Sales

Executive Vice President of Sales, Frank has over 20 years of sales experience with a focus on bringing new and innovative technologies and concepts to the marketplace.  Frank translated an internship with IBM at the 96 Atlanta Olympics into a position with Construction Market Data where he helped convert customers from advertising with the encyclopedia of the industry to making the first searchable online catalogs available.  Over the last two decades, Frank has helped to launch two investment startups that have outlasted and outperformed their peers while helping his customers to grow their businesses and serve their customers with excellence.  Frank is pleased to be a part of a team that serves communities by assisting educational leadership to improve school performance.

John DeRaedt, DTech

Technology Partner

DTech has over 30 years experience with custom software and proprietary systems integration from analysis and design, through development and implementation.  That experience involved the implementation of several data warehouses and the development and integration of countless reporting and analytic systems.  DTech brings software and system architecture, design, development, and implementation using C/C++, C#, .NET, J2EE, J2SE, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL, DB2, and SQL Server as well as many development frameworks and tool including PHP and HTML 5 design services.  DTech’s clients include the Swiss Stock Exchange, Sargento Foods, Fortunoff of Westbury, Dana Corporation, Eaton Aeroquip, Ford, Dap, Boeing, Caterpillar, Home Shopping Network, Revolution Money(American Express Serve) and Visa’s

Ryan Pereus Marketing & Consulting, Inc

Business Development & Growth

RPMC, Inc is a marketing and sales company based out of Philadelphia, PA, that focuses on the human connection and conversation in what brings people to products and services. RPMC, Inc works with small to mid-size businesses communicate their message through outbound campaigns on the phone, email, or elsewhere. They have been working with us since 2012 and continue to help those see the value in our offerings. When bringing new products and services to the market for Enlit, RPMC leads the charge in introducing our message to you. RPMC has worked with multiple companies that aid school districts specifically with building relationships and seeing value in the marketplace.

Tracy E. Hargrove

Lean Application Consultant

Mr. Hargrove has 31 years experience in various aspects of management in manufacturing, maintenance, human resources, and quality, a Black Belt certification in Lean/Six Sigma and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering.

His entire career focused on process improvement and cost reduction.  The last nine years have included cost reduction analysis and implementation within public school systems focused on maintenance, custodial, energy, transportation, and construction.

Dr. Shannon Flumerfelt

Lean and Educational Consultant

Shannon Flumerfelt, Ph.D. is a leading international consultant in the use of lean for all aspects of education and government.  She is the Founder of Charactership Lean Consulting and serves as an Endowed Professor of Lean, Pawley Lean Institute, and Associate Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership at Oakland University in Rochester, MI.  She has worked in education as a teacher, counselor, and administrator, and has conducted educational transformation projects for instruction and operations.  She is an accomplished presenter and author, with engagements from the Shingo Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Institutes of Research.

Her recent books include:

Lean Essentials for School Leaders; Transforming the Way We Do Business:  Lean Essential for School Leaders; Lean Engineering Education; Lean Education:  An Overview of Current Issues; and Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Complex Systems.

Technical and Administrative Staff

James Hall

Software Developer

Wes Michael

Data Management and Analysis

Julie Pereus

Office Manager