Empower your team with personalized dashboards and monthly reporting.

Monitoring key performance indicators is one of the most powerful ways that leaders can leverage their data. Monitoring keeps leaders, administrators and staff focused on critical measure and outcomes. Up to date monthly reporting allows leaders to stay informed, identify successes and spot trouble spots. Enlīt’s monitoring dashboards can be customized for an entire educational organization, division and department.


  • Start using our system in one or more areas; expand your use of the system over time
  • Build a solid basis for evidence-based decision making
  • Develop a deep understanding of efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services
  • Reduce the time and cost of using data for evidence-based management
  • Support evidence-based management in all areas
  • Achieve a return on investment through waste reduction and efficiency gains

Features and Services

Enlīt Pathfinder Platform

  • Cloud-based data mart
  • Automated measurement and analysis
  • Dashboard and scorecard reporting library
  • Operations measurement library
  • Central services measurement library
  • Student outcome measurement library
  • Financial analysis
  • Benchmarking data

Enlīt Pathfinder Customization

Enlīt Pathfinder can also be developed to include:

  • A One-stop shop for data and analytics and dashboard reporting
  • Custom analysis and reporting
  • Annual, quarterly, monthly, or daily dashboard reporting
  • Goal setting and monitoring
  • User selected graphics
  • Monthly analysis and reporting


Enlīt’s results are ready to be used for:

  • Management reporting – empowering managers with insights on their areas of responsibility
  • Assessment – Use the results to understand strengths, see trends and trouble spots
  • Planning – Use the results to set goals, monitor progress towards goals
  • Budgeting – Use insight on efficiency, quality, and needs to get the most value for educational investments
  • Monitoring – Track progress towards goals, critical measures at any frequency
  • Improvement – Details that help managers pinpoint opportunities and savings

“Enlīt’s Pathfinder dashboard, KPIS, and deeper measures reduce the amount of time required to understand performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify improvement opportunities. The system has already provided data-driven validation of many of our decisions.” Greg Thompson, Business Manager, Beavercreek School District

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