Measure and Assess

Assess Operations, Instruction and Student Outcomes

Measurement based assessments are the first step in being able to understand how a district is operating and using data for improvement. Enlīt’s assessment tools create transparency that helps leaders make sound, highly informed decisions. Our assessmet tools link spending, efficiency, productivity, student needs and quality and cost of services and give users the insight they need to understand strengths, weaknesses, cost saving and opportunities for improvement.

Operations Pathfinder

Education Operations Pathfinder will answer the questions that every education leader is asking.  How can we invest more of our dollars in the classroom? Where can we reduce costs without harming education? How and where can we reduce waste? Where should we invest in operations to reduce costs, reduce risks or raise performance?  

The Operations Pathfinder tool is a common sense tool that allow users to quickly see the full range of opportunities to improve efficiency and quality, reduce waste and control costs and school budget. Operations Pathfinder includes 13 operations and support services departments. Learn More

Key Features:

  • Over 750 measures that link department spending, efficiency, and quality

  • Lean measures that shine a light on seven sources of waste in education

  • Instant access to detailed dashboards and scorecard reports on 13 departments and services

  • Efficiency Diagnostic Tool that pinpoints improvement opportunities

  • Detailed operations benchmarks reveal what’s possible

  • Use trend analysis to support operations planning, staffing, budgeting, and capital decisions

school budget

Instruction Pathfinder

A suite of assessment tools that use analytics to understand needs, identify strengths, and pinpoint educational challenges and trends.

Instruction Pathfinder provides a solid assessment for use in the focusing and planning Central Office, Curriculum and Instruction, and Student Services resources. Also includes detailed Elementary, Middle. High School, Special Education, Career Tech, and other education program dashboards and scorecards. Data interpretation, recommendations, problem solving, and data training are optional. Learn More School Budget

Key Features:

  • Integrated holistic assessment framework for education

  • Compare the cost of services to quality outcomes for students

  • Monitor attendance, absenteeism and discipline trends

  • Use historical analysis to understand the impact of decisions on student achievement

  • Use staffing analysis to assure staff levels are meeting student needs

  • Use financial and quality data to support program changes and allocation

  • Use school level performance data to guide school improvement plans

Student Pathfinder

Raise the quality and effectiveness of education decisions and improvement plans.

Enlīt’s student test data tool automates the analysis and reporting of student data. The system is capable of blending and analyzing formative and summative test data; teacher and student attendance; discipline data and more.  Student dashboards can include longitudinal data analysis and other student-related information that can impact and help focus resources on supporting student achievement.

Key Features:

  • We load your data and your district will have instant access to tables and dashboard reports by building, test content, and teacher.

  • Administrators, principals, and teachers can easily access test data on students

  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in content areas and grade levels

  • Track the performance of individual students on student dashboards

“Enlīt’s Pathfinder dashboard, KPIS, and deeper measures reduce the amount of time required to understand performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify improvement opportunities. The system has already provided data-driven validation of many of our decisions.” Greg Thompson, Business Manager, Beavercreek School District

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