Enlīt Instruction Pathfinder

Quickly Identify Strengths, Trends, Opportunities, & Areas of Focus

Enlīt Pathfinder System offers over 50 out of the box, comprehensive baseline assessments and performance audits for education, operations, and support services that answer these questions. Each baseline dashboard and reporting tool includes three years of data, data visualization graphics, drill down capability, department specific measures, and benchmarks for every area. Our reports distill and present information in a way that makes it easy for busy administrators to quickly identify strengths, trends, opportunities, and areas of focus.

Superintendents can understand how an area is performing, the effectiveness of programs, assess staffing, and more. CFOs can use the results for school improvement plans, budget analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and cost control. Many of our clients use the results to improve communication and transparency with the board and community. COOs use Enlīt to support operations decisions, assess past performance, identify issues and trends, support speeding requests and decision making, and focus improvement efforts.


  • Use a common framework and language for performance
  • Establish a baseline for assessment, planning, and goal setting
  • Equip administrators with critical data that supports evidence-based decision making
  • Automated dashboard reporting system for your entire organization
  • Use our measurement library to select KPIs, leading and lagging measures
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Establishes annual review process for leaders at all levels
  • Align and track measurable department goals with district goals
  • Understand the costs and benefits of educational programs
  • Use trend data to forecast staffing needs
  • Link the allocation of resources to student needs
  • Evaluate the impact of past spending, decisions, and school improvement plans

school improvement plans

Features and Services

enlit school improvement plans

  • Simple process – districts provide files, we do the rest
  • One click access to detailed reports
  • Compare to peer-based standards
  • Customize analysis and reporting
  • Use school level performance data to guide school improvement plans


  • Operations (See Operations Pathfinder)
  • Central Services
  • Superintendent/Cabinet
  • Business and Finance
  • Communications
  • Curriculum and Instruction Services
  • Human Resources
  • Student Services
  • Education Reporting
  • High Schools, Middle Schools, Intermediate Schools, Elementary Schools
  • Education Programs (15 programs)
  • Special Education
  • Income statement 
  • Human Resources

school improvement plans
“Enlīt’s Pathfinder dashboard, KPIS, and deeper measures reduce the amount of time required to understand performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify improvement opportunities. The system has already provided data-driven validation of many of our decisions.” Greg Thompson, Business Manager, Beavercreek School District

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