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Most private Christian Colleges face major challenges that can impact their financial health, growth, and sustainability. Our research has shown that few Christian Colleges and Universities have access to the business intelligence tools that will help them strategically address these issues. Performance measurement and benchmarking are two of the most powerful tools that Presidents, CFOs, and Education Leaders can use to navigate through and optimize the use of resources. Measures and benchmarks enable leaders to quantify performance and compare their performance to peer-based standards.


Enlīt has a well-developed system of measures that give insight into the strategic, operational, and tactical performance of education organizations and departments. We use advanced accounting methods, such as activity-based costing, management accounting, and the balanced scorecard to build models that give leaders a deeper understanding of how efficiently and effectively resources are being used. Our system offers both traditional statistical analyses, as well as trend analysis, data visualization and scorecards that help leaders quickly access and understand their data. We select measures that are actionable and can impact the results in the area assessed.

National Christian College and University Benchmarking Project

The Christian College and University Benchmarking Project is designed to fill a gap in current measurement, benchmarking and business intelligence capabilities within the Christian College and University community. We are offering Christian school leaders the opportunity to begin or advance their use of strategic and operations analytics and intelligence in a phased manner. Our practical, strategic approach will allow leadership teams the opportunity to “test” the methodology, and then decide to either 1) stop using the system without penalty, or 2) progress as far as they like with the use of our system. Ultimately, the Enlīt system can serve as a single source business intelligence system that supports Institutional Research, benchmarking, and district-wide use of analytics for decision-making, planning, and reporting purposes. Our system also has the potential, with the right data, to generate reports such as the CFI, Moody’s, and streamline IPED reporting.

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The Complete Enlīt Benchmarking Platform License includes:

Enlīt offers a comprehensive measurement and benchmarking system
designed to meet the needs of most Christian Colleges and Universities.

  • A proven model that includes measures used by a state independent college association and enhanced by Enlīt
  • Measures and benchmarks for compensation, finance, human resources, tuition, students, academics, and financial aid
  • Academic and support department level measures and benchmarks
  • Consolidated Financial Index calculations Moody’s financial ratio analysis
  • Opportunity to simplify the IPED reporting process by storing and organizing required data in one location


Key Features

Enlīt’s benchmarking platform is easy to use, intuitive, and flexible data visualization
and multi-year trend analysis in dashboards and scorecards

  • Compare your school’s performance to any college and university based on enrollment, location, or other factors
  • Option to keep results confidential, if desired
  • Statistical analysis of the results
  • Ability to store data any data in our system Custom scorecards, dashboard, and reports


Reporting Format

Enlīt offers users numerous access and reporting options.

  • Summary Report comparing your institution to a variety of peer groups
  • Dashboard and Scorecard
  • Department Level
  • Interpretation and Guidance


Deliverables and Benefits

We are offering two options to participants


Option 1 (Strategic Analytics) - Fees Waived

Option 1, Strategic Analytics will identify strengths, differences and improvement opportunities. Option 1 will give decision makers and analysts a high-level strategic assessment using a holistic set of measures. It will provide insights that lead to a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, needs, opportunities, and potential savings.

Strategic Analytics Report

The Strategic Analytics report uses 150 data elements used to define over 100 strategic measures.  Compare your results to participating schools of similar enrollment, state, and region. The report will include academic, enrollment, financial, human resource, operating, and tuition measures and benchmarks. Participants that do not want their school’s name used will be assigned a number.

Option 2.0 (Strategic & Operations Analytics) - $1,500

Strategic Analytics (same as Option 1)

Dashboard and Scorecards

Participants will have online access to their results in detailed dashboards and scorecards through December 31, 2019. Users can apply a variety of interactive data visualization and analysis tools, compare to peers based on size, and region, and create personal peer comparison groups. Operations analytics will provide deeper insight into the strategic issues identified in Option 1 as well as deeper operations measures. 

Facilities Benchmarking

The facilities benchmarking tool, which includes dashboards and scorecards, contains 50 data elements that are used to measure operating efficiency, productivity, energy efficiency, building utilization, building conditions, cleaning quality, capital spending, and other measures of facility performance. 




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