Enlīt Education Analytics & Dashboard Software

Enlīt’s Key Features

A Single, Overarching System & Tools for Using Data to Assess, Plan, Improve & Inform in All Areas.

Enlīt provides individual tools that can be used independently, and when used together, provide a continuous improvement and planning process that can be used for instruction, operations, and finance. Data analysis, visualization, planning, and reporting are all automated and streamlined to accelerate the improvement process.

Enlīt’s Enterprise-Wide Data Warehouse & Education Analytics Software

Enlīt’s data warehouse and education analytics, dashboards, and improvement tools are all stored in the cloud.

Users can access any of the following products through the Enlīt platform:

Operations Pathfinder, Instruction Pathfinder, Student Pathfinder, Strategic Planning Scorecards, Ultra Real-Time Dashboards, Community Dashboards, Absenteeism Analytics Dashboard, Lean Custodial Job Card System, and Enlīt’s Web Employment Application Tool.

One-of-a-Kind Measurement & Assessment System

Enlīt provides a comprehensive measurement system for instruction, operations, finance, and student performance. Our holistic and integrated measurement system creates transparency and insights that are not possible with traditional cost per student comparisons. Enlīt also uses built-in root cause analysis that reduces the amount of time needed to pinpoint issues and areas of focus.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Enlīt has extensive benchmarking data on uses research, state data, and client data for comparison purposes and gaining insight into best practices. Our benchmarks provide the details that are necessary to pinpoint specific operational changes that lead to higher performance.

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4 Simple Steps for Getting Results with Data

1 – Measure and Assess

Operations Pathfinder

Discover where and how to reduce waste, improve efficiency and adjust funding to meet operational needs and services. Track improvements, trends and other critical information. Learn More

Instruction Pathfinder

Enlīt Pathfinder is a data-driven educational assessment tool for instruction programs and services. Instruction Pathfinder integrates critical spending, human resource, student, staff and cost data together into one decision making framework. Annual use allows decision makers to review and reflect on instruction outcomes, student achievement, spending, needs and trends at a school and district level. Learn More School Budget

Student Pathfinder

Raise the quality and effectiveness of education decisions and improvement plans with Enlit’s student test data tool, which automates the analysis and reporting of student data. 

2 – Plan and Set Goals

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Use Enlīt’s strategic planning dashboards to keep your community informed and team focused on strategic plan goals and track progress towards  goals.  Enlīt can help you develop and select key performance indicators, and leading and lagging measures of performance.  Update monthly, quarterly or annually. Learn More

3 – Communicate

Communication and Community Engagement

This is a digital age communication tool for tracking and reporting progress to your community. With this tool, Enlīt can help you with community engagement and transparency with easy to understand infographics dashboards.   Learn More

4 – Monitor

Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard

Monitoring key performance indicators and measures is one of the most powerful tools that leaders can use to keep staff focused on improvement and district goals. Enlīt’s monitoring dashboards can be customized for an entire organization, division and department. Use Ultra and our operations, instruction, financial and student measures to build your own department, school, division or district wide reporting dashboards. Learn More

“We use Enlīt for comparative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Enlīt’s measurement system helps us focus on specific areas of improvement. The program has also helped us identify schools with best practices. We then strive to emulate or adjust our program accordingly. ” Vince Utterback, Business Manager, Pickerington City Schools, Pickerington, OH

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