Company Overview

Enlīt was founded by a COO in education who understands the challenges and opportunities facing educational leaders. Steve Pereus, founder and President, has deep experience leading a 40,000 student district in the use of data to raise efficiency, reduce waste, solve long-standing problems, influence decisions, change community perceptions and improve performance.  Hands-on experience in education, and working directly with district leaders from 130 districts in 17 states, has given our team deep insight into the needs, challenges, and opportunities to use data in education.

We know, from a wide range of experiences and case histories, that huge potential and benefits can be realized from the systematic use of intelligence and analytics in every area of the education enterprise. Most district leaders, however, lack a system for using data to assess efficiency, raise effectiveness, and reach their goals. Enlīt closes this gap and provides both the system and professional guidance and recommendations for getting results with data.

Enlīt’s products are technically very simple to use. Users can begin using the system without technical training on query language, report writing, or data analysis methods.   Our training helps clients take the next step with data – how to use it to get results.

We offer flexible solutions that fit the need and purpose for using data in your organization.  We offer department, division, and enterprise-wide products.  Enlīt also uses its software, expertise, and knowledge to conduct analytics-based assessment and provides recommendations for improvement, change or decisions.
Our Mission 

Empower educational organizations with software, best practices, and services that simplify the use of data to manage and improve efficiency and achieve their goals for students.


COO/CFO in education and business with successful improvement experience in education and business; author; consultant


The Enlīt team includes experienced educational leaders; data analysts, Lean practitioners, and software developers.


130 clients in 17 states since 2010

Cloud-based analytics, business intelligence, and performance management software/technology

  • Data mart integrate data from multiple sources
  • Education analytics and measurement system and library
  • Proprietary and public benchmarking databases
  • Automated data analysis and modeling
  • Automated dashboard and scorecard reporting
  • Dashboard & scorecard library

Professional Capabilities

  • Data management
  • Software development
  • Data, financial and operational analysis, measurement, and analytics
  • Business and educational leadership
  • Performance improvement
  • Lean

Professional Services and Consulting

  • Data interpretation and recommendations
  • Operations efficiency assessment
  • District-wide performance assessments
  • Leadership and staff professional development
  • Lean improvement project planning and implementation
  • Performance management system