Benchmarking is a discipline of comparing an organization’s processes, practices and performance to that of peers with a focus on identifying best practices.



Benchmarking Measures

A key to success in benchmarking is knowing which measurements accurately define performance. Enlīt brings deep experience in performance measurement and has a highly developed measurement system for K-12 and High Education organizations. Our measurement systems create wide spectrum insight into performance that is lacking in traditional state data and conventional measures.

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K -12 Education Benchmarking with State Data

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Enlīt’s state benchmarking tool enables education leaders to compare performance, spending, costs, and other measures to any peer group. This tool is currently available in Ohio and North Carolina. We are adding new states every quarter.

K-12 Operations Benchmarking

Do you know how efficiently your instruction and operations departments and services are operating? Enlīt’s Operations Benchmarking tools area easy to use. Select one of 50 programs or services, send us your data and we’ll provide you access to an online report that compares any department or services to national standards. Quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities.
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Higher Education Benchmarking

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Enlīt has developed a higher education benchmarking tool and is launching a higher education benchmarking initiative. Contact us at 419-794-3197 of you are interested in learning more about our benchmarking tools, services, or new higher education initiative.

Benefits of Enlīt’s Benchmarking Service

  • Benchmarking any department
  • Creates awareness of performance compared to peers
  • Identifies “gaps”
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Inform strategic planning
  • Validate strategies
  • Learn how much improvement is needed to achieve superior performance
  • Tracks industry trends in costs and efficiency
enlit school data warehouse
“Enlīt’s Pathfinder dashboard, KPIS, and deeper measures reduce the amount of time required to understand performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify improvement opportunities. The system has already provided data-driven validation of many of our decisions. ” Greg Thompson, Business Manager, Beavercreek School District

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