About the Founder

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Steven C. Pereus

Steve is the President, founder and majority owner of Enlīt. He brings a deep understanding of how data, a disciplined process, and the Lean improvement methodology can transform performance inside and outside the classroom. Steve is passionate about helping administrators up their game with easy to use, innovative digital tools and high impact training.

Steve spends considerable time meeting with Enlīt clients, and speaking with Superintendents, CFOs, COOs and school administrators. He uses these discussions to guide his technical team in the development of new tools, enhancements to existing tools and training. Steve has worked directly with Superintendents to develop a leadership training academy and ground breaking digital info graphic dashboards and holistic measurement tools.

Steve began his education career when he was recruited by the Toledo business community and Board of Education for the role of Business Manager and the COO of Toledo Public Schools.  He was retained as part of a community-wide effort to raise performance, improve the perception of the district, and create financial stability.  As COO of Toledo Public Schools, Steve led changes that generated $17 mm in savings in three years and solved major labor, financial, operating, and public relations challenges.

  • MBA in Finance from Case Western Reserve Weatherhead School of Management
  • MS in Engineering from the University of Idaho
  • BS from the University of Toledo


Steve has developed and delivered workshops on Data-Driven Improvement, Cost Savings, Lean, Transparency in Budgeting, Lean in Facilities Management, Data-Driven Decision Making, The Strategic Role of the CFO, and related topics for OASBO, MASBO, NCASBO, Tri-State ASBO, and ASBO International.

Books and Publications
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