A Glimpse Back to Where it Started – 1998 ASBO Intl Article “Improving Through Change” – by Current President of Enlīt

Back in 1998, owner & president of Enlit, Steve Pereus, wrote for ASBO Intl on the changes he and others made at Toledo Public Schools during his tenure there in the 1990’s.

We revisit this article because at the time of the publication, the idea of adapting business practices to school districts was a brand new concept all together. However, the changes made at TPS were the anchors for a 25 year journey in reaching who Enlit is today. Enlit’s software and services are essentially a fine-tuned manifestation of this work refined over time.

The publication was prepared as a presentation at the 84th annual meeting of ASBO Intl in San Antionio. If you click the picture below, you will be taken to a PDF of the full release.

Although this was written almost 20 years ago, so many of the principles from this article on increasing district efficiency still used today speaks to the timeless nature of implementing systems such as performance management tools into an organization.

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