What We Do

Enlīt is Changing the Game in Education

Enlīt Improvement Software and Services – Every district leader should be looking back at the previous year and asking how did we do? Where did we improve? How do we compare?  Are we staffed to meet our needs? How can we operate more efficiently and invest the savings in the classroom? Where can we do better? What are needs not being met?  What trends need to be addressed? Have our improvement plans met our goals?

Most educational leaders want to use data to improve. Most, however, aren’t winning the data game.  Few have the time, training, detailed data, and tools they need to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services. The data sources they use, such as state data, are often dated, lack critical details and are backward looking. Historically, districts have not had access to detailed operational benchmarks and standards that help them know what’s possible. Finally, most do not have staff who have been trained to use data for problem solving and improvement.

We offer a solution to these barriers with assessment and monitoring software, training, and consulting services that help districts use their data to make decisions, communicate, and improve.  

The Enlīt Difference

A holistic, measurement-based assessment system creates transparency that enables leaders to know how each area is performing.

A measurement and baseline benchmarking system help users quickly focus on the specific issue and opportunities in their areas of responsibility.

Interpretation, guidance, and support that help our clients succeed with data.

Monthly or more frequent reporting capability that allows administrators to track progress towards goals and targets.

“We use Enlīt for comparative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Enlīt’s measurement system helps us focus on specific areas of improvement. The program has also helped us identify schools with best practices. We then strive to emulate or adjust our program accordingly.” Vince Utterback, Business Manager, Pickerington City Schools, Pickerington, OH

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